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Sexuality, the atomic energy of human emotions, can be destructive if not controlled. However, when channeled or directed, sexuality is a virtually inexhaustible source of powerful energy available to a relationship between wife and husband--sparking intimacy and adding zest to a loving marital relationship.

The wisdom of the Torah and the insight of its rabbinic expositors has limited the powerful energy of sexuality to marriage. Marriage is a public declaration and ceremony when the bride and groom express to each other and to the members of their community that they are ready to be responsibly committed to one another. In short, the wisdom of the Jewish People has determined that sexuality may only be expressed between husband and wife, and even then only privately.

There are many other insights about the marital relationship, including sexuality, that are contained in the repository of wisdom that is Jewish law and tradition. The way these principles and insights are translated into behavior is through the halacha. This pamphlet is intended to make the halacha, as expounded by one of its leading, contemporary authorities, Rabbi Ovadia Yossef accessible to all--allowing the wise, balanced ways of the halacha to benefit the Jewish family--to help create the "holy home."

Haskamah of Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef
Why keep the Halacha of Sexual Relations?
How a Woman Becomes Niddah
Colors of Emissions and Stains
Behavior During Niddah
Hefsek Betahara (The conclusion in purity)
When Immersion is to be Performed
Cleansing before Immersion
Hasisa: Intervening Objects
Blessing Before Immersion
Abstaining in Anticipation of Menstruation
What is Considered a Fixed Period
To Whom the Rules of Fixed Periods Apply
Physical Periods
Giving Birth
Women Are Entrusted With The Laws of Niddah
Bleeding due to Sexual Relations
Onset of Menstruation; "Engagement;" Choosing the Wedding Date
Getting Married

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(The Introduction and chapter on why you should keep the Halachot of Niddah were written by Rabbi Ralph Tawil)